Bible verses on Psalm19

thePsalmist on March 8th, 2009

The eagle eyed among you will have spotted the nifty little thing that happens with Bible verses on this blog. Whenever I quote a Bible verse I will always give a reference to that verse so you can read it for yourself. But the neat thing is that if I write something like John 3:16 you get to simply hover your mouse over the Bible reference and a little popup shows you what it says! This is a nifty little service supplied again by me favourite company, Logos, which they call RefTagger. It’s dead simple and really rather brilliant.

There’s a few things to say about those pop ups to let you enjoy them to the full.

The first and most important point is that at the bottom of the popup is a little link which says “more>”. If you click on it you will be taken to a brilliant website called If you follow the link there you will see the whole chapter of the Bible that the verse I’m quoting comes from. Much better still though is that at the top right of the screen you will see a list of abbreviations “NIV ESV NLT MKJV KJV more”.

These abbreviations might seem like gibberish but they actually all stand for different english translations of the Bible. If you click on one you will be able to read the same passage of the Bible in a slightly different english translation. That’s really handy if you want to check how the different translations help you understand differences in the passage. So I encourage you to use it and explore.

The other thing to mention is the little ‘L’ in a box which appears after every reference. This won’t actually be of use to most of you. It is a link for Logos Bible Users. If you have Logos installed on your computer then clicking the ‘L’ will open up the reference in your copy of Logos for you. For the rest of you I’m afraid it doesn’t mean a sausage! Sorry!

The default version of the Bible currently is the NIV (New International Version) as the evangelical tome of choice, for me at least. I hope that RefTagger will support the Holman Christian Standard Bible which I’m fast falling in love with. If and when it does then the default version will become the HCSB.

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