New Year … new resolve!

thePsalmist on December 31st, 2009

My apologies to both myself and my one reader! …ok, who am I kidding? Apologies to myself then!

The last six months have just been too hectic with too many other things to prioritize over my self-indulgent desire to blog.  I moved in September from planting a church in a very tough neighbourhood to running a vibrant and large church in a very nice neighbourhood.

All good stuff, but also all very busy stuff.  So I’m afraid the blog has fallen by the wayside.  Ho hum!

Now though I find myself in charge of this superb church with a team of preachers to oversee and lead. That gives me new reason to blog my heart out because something I now find myself doing a lot more of is strategically planning teaching series and guiding the teaching which is going on in this new church I’m at.

So the blog in 2010 can become less self-indulgent and more purposeful and practical. I’m hoping that I can blog through a lot more of God’s word than I can preach and outline here the teaching series which are coming up for the sake of the preaching team trying to understand the nonsense going on in my head!

Well, that’s the theory … we’ll see how well I do shall we! …Ahem! ;)

Happy New Year everyone! God bless you all through His word and His Spirit! Amen!

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